Welcome to Ruang thai massage

According to the writings on Thai Massage its history dates back over 2500 years; starting at the time of the Buddha in India.  What is now known as Thai Massage was given to the world by a physician who was a contemporary of the Buddha. Thai Massage is a form of Ayurveda medicine which is a system of Hindu traditional medicine. This form of alternative medicine which soon found its way to Thailand is a form of massage that is more energizing and rigorous than other forms of massage. The therapist uses his or her hand, knees, legs and feet in a series of biomechanical yoga like stretches.

Energy lines are very important to Thai Massage and Thais believe the ten main energy lines are sufficient to treat the whole body including internal organs. We are happy to bring this form of ancient Thai massage to Prescott, Arizona! See what our clients have to say!

Pricing and Availability
1 Hour – $60
1 1/2 Hours – $85
2 Hours – $110
Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm